Data Management

Your business decisions depend on accurate, relevant, and timely information. Information depends on how data is gathered, validated, stored, and protected.

AETINS can assist you in designing and managing data, databases, data warehouses, and big data. It also offers proven data migration services for insurance companies.

Big Data Solutions

If you want to go beyond your operational database to include psychographic data of your customer, and capture data from Telematics & Social Media, you need big data and NoSQL. Let AETINS create and manage your big data and extract insights for you to grow your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Automate areas such as underwriting, customer service, claims, marketing and fraud detection by capitalizing on AI. You can serve your customers 24/7 through chatbots if the capabilities are used appropriately. AETINS can empower your system by extracting knowledge and intelligence from unstructured data to structured data and productively create valuable insights by unlocking the potential of AI.


You can be informed on the overall state of your business and help to predict the next optimal action using analytics. You can monitor the day-to-day performance of your Agents and monthly achievement of Annualized Premium Equivalent against the budget. AETINS uses tools like R and SPSS.

Business Intelligence

You can decide on strategic and tactical actions confidently with visually presented information.

AETINS can present meaningful information using Operational Data Store (ODS), statistical tools, and visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau.

Business Process Management

AETINS can help you to improve your processes to deliver offerings to your customers with speed and quality.


Modernize your applications with insurance microservices provided by AETINS, and you can also connect them with APIs for your portals and mobile apps. We also develop microservices for you.

Robotic Process Automation

AETINS can help you to automate repetitive work in the process to deliver services to your customers faster and errorless using a digital worker. The digital worker also learns trends and variations on the job to perform better. A digital manager acts automatically using prescriptive analytics in areas such as underwriting, customer engagement, claims, marketing and fraud detection.

AETINS uses BPM, Rules Engine, RPA, statistical tools, and AI, like IBM Watson & Google AI.

Business Rules Management

If you want to automate most of your decisions in the organization and manage centrally for uniformity, AETINS can assist you. AETINS can also integrate analytics, robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence to automate complex decisions. You can create virtual workers to do your mundane work and let your people's brilliance add more value to serve your customers.

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